How the Hazel 6 Page Works.

What we need

We will need your Logo files, your brand colours, the pictures you would like us to add as well as the content we need to place.

How this works

You need to pick 6 Pages. 1 Home Page, 1 *Services Page, 1 About Page, 1 Contact Page, 1 Blog Page, 1 Portfolio Page

After we receive your Logo files and brand colour as well as the 6 pages you picked, we will start creating your Hazel 6 Page. 1 – 2 weeks after the project start date we ask that you provide us with all of the pictures as well as the written copy.  2 – 3 weeks after project start you will have access to your new website. We will then talk about any and all changes you would like to see and will implement them within the following week.

Your Hazel 6 page will be ready for launch within 4-6 weeks after the project start date. (That is, if we get all of the content within the time line provided)

*If you do not need a Blog or Portfolio Page you can pick a different page. (If you have more than one services and would like a whole page dedicated to each service for example we can simply add 2 more services pages to your website instead of a Blog and Portfolio Page. You get the idea.)

And that is pretty much it.

Do keep in mind that all fonts, pictures and colours will be changed according to your company and brand. We want to showcase how flexible the Hazel 6 Page can be and created the different looks to give you an idea of what your page could look like.